Hello, I’m Marjorie.

Currently working school counselor, and a teacher. I am an anime enthusiast and I enjoy writing k-drama reviews. I also love music and travel with my family. Currently, I do online business as a side work. I also love to learn more about plants.

Career Journey

The thought of being part of this field never crossed my mind as a child, but as I grew up, I became curious on how and why individuals behave in such ways, and more importantly, I want to understand and help people with their concerns as part of the youth ministry in our Church. With that in mind, I pursued this career and now, I am currently pursuing graduate studies in Counseling Psychology. Also, with the help of this profession, I am able to become an educator.

Anime Stuffs

Anime has taught me lots of life lessons that I will never ever forget. It became part of my life since I was young, and up to know, anime still gives me the same feels and reflections to life as to what it was to me before. I love reading manga and watching live action series or movies, but I would say that anime is my first love among them. I miss going to anime conventions.

K-drama Reviews

Asian things have special place in my heart, and watching East and Southeast Asian has been one of my “inevitable” hobby since high school. Being fond of watching K-dramas (Korean dramas), I always had the thought to share some insights and reflections about great stories written and portrayed in their own time through this blog.


Music is one of the most beautiful thing in Earth. Others say, “music is life” — but I say, music gives life. It gives life to all the emotions a person experiences.

Adventures Time

Travelling is going out of your comfort zone. Take the challenge and seize the day!

Note: Going on a travel is real fun, but please do not forget to adhere to the minimum health standards as advised by the Department of Health. Keep safe and stay healthy!


I’m not a perfect writer, but I always write my heart and mind out. This platform is really helpful for me to communicate and share my thoughts and feelings about life. I always write to live my colors, don’t lose yours.


Reach out so we can work together and make some new memories that will help others with their career journey, their lifestyle with anime and k-dramas, have different perspective in music, and tips and ideas about travels.

E-mail me at pchypeache@gmail.com

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